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The Simpsons was the most honest show out there

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science side of tumblr please explain why ice water tastes better than regular water

Because ice is water, and water is water. So if you put ice in water, it’s like… double water.

god damn it science side of…


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when i say i hate school it doesn’t mean i hate education and knowledge. it means that i hate selfish and ignorant people there. it means that i hate stress and high expectations. it means that i hate being treated like a shit. it fucking means that i hate feeling like a failure all the time. 

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“When you break your bone you don’t try to set it back in place yourself. You go to the hospital. Why is it that people think they can fix their brain, the most crucial part of their body, all by themselves.”

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I smell it in the air. It’s coming.


Halloween season.

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100% proven zodiac analyses

  • aries: short-tempered kind-hearted babies
  • taurus: stubborn knucklehead cuties who are nice to everyone
  • gemini: intelligent blabber-mouths w a great sense of humor
  • cancer: over-emotional compassionate lil cupcakes
  • leo: melodramatic fun-loving fucks
  • virgo: creative whiny pissbabies who are intellectually stimulating
  • libra: ditsy carefree pacifist qts
  • scorpio: intensely emotional secretive bad bitches
  • sagittarius: honest philosophical travel-agents who don't give a fuck
  • capricorn: organized self-driven sarcastic dickheads
  • aquarius: extroverted detached open-minded freaks
  • pisces: sensitive lazyasses who are ideological + creatively stimulating

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